Design & Development Technologies

To maintain the high standard of management we employ the best breed of people and to keep transparency in our financial transaction, are audited at regular intervals by third party agencies. Being a Infosoft can offer complex Internet Solutions in various platforms like Microsoft, Open Source, Java, etc.

Customer Support is of paramount importance to the company and have been the corner stone of success. The organization is growing rapidly with "customer satisfaction" as the single source of marketing and existing Client Referance. Print and digital media campaigns or sales force recruitment is beyond the company policy. The company earnings are invested in infrastructure improvement, manpower training and employee welfare.

Outsourcing Web Solutions to ITS has enabled companies across the world to reap rich rewards - in terms of quality, delivery and pricing. As a strategic Offshore Software Consultant and an IT Outsourcing partner, ITS can engineer secure, scalable and flexible web-based enterprise E-commerce applications followed by internet marketing campaigns.

ITS's commitment to innovations in Software engineering & scientific web application development is evident in the fact that 30% of our developmental organization is focused on technological research & development. A Core Research Group was started in 2004, with the vision of proactively developing competency and build technology differentiators. The main objective of the group is to build on technology excellence - create reusable component based architecture that eventually benefit our customers and provide the superior edge aided by emerging cutting edge technologies and tools at competitive rates.