Infosoft Technology Solutions (India) offshore software development centers (ODC's) located in Coimbatore are essentially a dedicated pool of engineering and programming resources that acts as a virtual extensions of your own development teams. Constituted with high-quality resources possessing functional and required technical competencies, the center provide a scalable and cost-effective solution to your custom software development needs, delivering powerful business benefits. We are in the process of building an infrastructure to undertake multiple software development contracts, making use of the industry, from high-quality redundant Internet connections to climate control systems to robotic tape backups, etc. This ensures:

On Time On Budget Deliveries:

Infosoft group has a proven track record in delivering turnkey engineering solutions with clients across four continents. We have been delivering projects on time and on budget 80% of the time as opposed to a global average of 15%.

Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Up:

The client can leverage the ready infrastructure provided by the DIS ODCs to jump-start its projects. This substantially shortens lead times for project start-up.

Significant Cost Advantage:

The DIS Offshore Development Model typically provides cost savings of 50-60% as compared to an in-house execution.

Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise:

ITSt brings strong Project Management expertise which have been the backbone of their phenomenal growth in last 3 years.

Leverage Highest Quality Standards:

DIS is in the process of building quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This will ensure minimum error rate and rework.

Access To Diversified Pool of Skilled Professionals:

Our strategic location enables the client to have access to a pool of talented software engineers with diverse programming skill sets and expertise at low cost.

Shortened Development Cycles:Shortened Development Cycles:

Work happens on a 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US. Yesterday evening's problem actually gets converted to today morning's solution!.

The Location Advantage:

The Location Advantage: Infosoft offshore software development center offer you the ability to seamlessly leverage India's high-quality software engineering talent and low cost structures. Aided by IT friendly policies off the Tamilnadu government, Coimbatore is ideally suited to cost effective offshore software development. Features

Battery Backup

We attempt to eliminate all possibilities of downtime, and investing in UPS systems to eliminate power outages is one of them. We use the top of the line UPS systems from MGE Systems. The Comet series, specifically built for telecommunication companies, is used and protects the entire Network from power spikes or outages. Battery backup is used only temporarily before the Diesel Generators resume the NOC with full running power. Every 6 months, We do proactive maintenance on UPS systems, to insure batteries and other critical items are in good working order.

Network Infrastructure

Our network is built upon a 22 GIGABIT backbone. We break our network into segments to eliminate data saturation and interfaces with core Switches and Routers via Fiber Optics. By creating segments, we can drastically reduce any delays from server to server operations, for example a website hitting a SQL server resides on the same segment. We use only Cisco equipment for all switching and routing on its network.

Hardware Server

Dual PIV 1.8

40gig - 7200rpm RAID

100mb Direct Connection to T3's

3COM 100mb/GIGABIT Switches

Cisco 7204VXR Routers BGP4

Exabyte Robotic Tape Backup System

Terminals and Accessories

Multiple PIV 3.0Ghz desktops interconnected thru LAN

Handheld devices, PDA, wireless readers

oInkjet printers, Scanner, Zip drives, DVD writers etc

Internet Connectivity through broad band leased line

Application Service Provider(ASP)

Our web server and application server is co-located with one of the leading data centers in USA. Servers are monitored and supported by skilled network administrators. By controlling our servers, we can provide instant support to our customers.


To keep overheads in check, DIS follows an unique business model where there is no Business Development department quite unlike other web development companies who spend 50% of their earnings to maintain a spick and span marketing team.

We have only 12 Technical team members out of which 8 are graduate engineers. Of these 8, Two have worked as Project Managers with reputed Indian companies like TCS. Out of the remaining 4, we have 2 visualizes (4 yrs + experience in Flash Action scripting), and rest two are MCA's. The average experience of the team is 3 yrs. With this small team of 12 technical people, we have been performing 6 to 8 web applications @month. Local vendors supply us manpower on contract as per demand. However they need to come and work at our ODC.

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